Welcome to my blog

Monterrey, Mexico

Hi! I’m Vimbai and welcome to my blog.

After months of procrastination I have mustered up the confidence to create this blog. A space where I can write down my thoughts, reflect on my experiences and you give you the low-down on my year abroad.

I took my own advice and decided to ‘live a little’ and I’ve traveled from the comfortable sanctuary of South London that I’ve know for most of my life and undertaken a great venture to Monterrey, Mexico.

I know what’s going on your head “what was she thinking?” and the honest answer with you is, well if I don’t get off my bum and conquer my fears now, when else will I?

So here goes nothing!!! *screams internally*

Stay tuned and let’s see how this year (or what’s left of it) goes…

Abrazos y besos


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